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Mines & Minerals

India has large reserves of Iron ore, Bauxite, Chromium, Manganese ore, Baryte, Rare earth, and Mineral salts. Any Mining Operations has four key areas: [i] In-Mining Processes, [ii] Processing & Mineral Extraction, [iii] Logistics & Transportation, [iv] Sales & Market. Analytics.

Beyond such mining operations, the Existence of legal & regulatory frameworks on top of these operations is making the industry wings well controlled by the Government. Each of these operations generates a lot of data as a by-product and investigation and analysis of such data has become very crucial to take right mining decision.

We are providing expert analytics services to Mining Eco-system and helps define the report matrix & KPIs which enables Industry to improve the operational efficiency, Reduce Revenue leakage by identifying suspicious behaviour & fraudulent activities, Systematically Reconciling Production & Dispatch to establish a strong supply chain mechanism, AL/ML driven Revenue Forecasting.

Department Includes:


Processing & Mineral Extraction

Logistics &

Production & Dispatch

Supply Chain Pattern

ASV & Revenue Framework