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Use Cases

Fundamentally, a data analytics use case is the manner in which the business user leverages data and the analytics system to derive insights to answer tangible business questions for decision making.  

The key question becomes:  How do you establish a culture of learning and discovery that allows all users to let the data drive the questions, test and learn, fail fast and experiment and collaborate?

The Answer is: Use Case – A Value Proposition.

We work very closely with clients across various industries like: Public Sectors, PSUs, Utilities, Telecommunication, BFSI etc. We understand their BAU Operations, IT processes, Practical Challenges & Key Issues & work with hand-in-hand to create a best-fit value Proposition.

A value proposition enables our clients to take Strategic, Tactical and Operations level decisions & drive them for Analytics driven transformation journey. Our proposition is backed by solid research, Industry best-practices & various analytics techniques like descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics capabilities along with analytics capabilities for structured and unstructured data.

We bring below Unique capabilities, while developing Use Case for various Industries:


  • COVID-19 Outbreak Analysis
  • Chief Minister Dashboard
  • Big Data Management Suite for Analytics


  • Crime Mapping & Hotspot Analysis
  • Image Analytics for Wildlife Species
  • AI-based Chatbot

Fraud Detection & Investigation

  • Anti-Money Laundering for BFSI
  • Property Tax Fraud Detection & Investigation
  • Mines & Minerals Fraud Detection & Investigation

Visual Inspection using Computer Vision

  • Unparallel decision in quality inspection
  • Image capturing by advanced industrial grade camera
  • Advanced machine learning for contaminant identification

Golden Batch Analysis

  • Digitizing parameters to convert paper-based BMRs to eBMRs.
  • Identifying which process parameters may influence critical quality attributes
  • What-if scenarios facilitate comprehension regarding the potential impact on the golden batch

Application Development

  • COVID-19 Data Registration Application
  • Dynamic Form Development
  • Web Portal Development

IoT Based Analytics

  • Water SCADA Analytics for IoT
  • Asset Modelling & Predictive Analytics at Oil Refinery
  • Line pack Optimization in Gas Pipeline

Voice of Citizen

  • Fake News Detection
  • NLP based Text Analysis
  • Intelligent Citizen Engagement - CI360