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Fake News Detection

Problem Statement

The term ‘fake news’ refers to misinformation spreading in the country through word of mouth and traditional media as well as more recently through digital methods of communication including edited videos, memes, and unconfirmed advertisements spread through social media.

The authenticity of information is a longstanding concern for businesses issue affecting businesses and society, society, regardless of whether it is printed or digital. Using social networks, the reach and effects of information spread occur at such a Rapid pace, and pace and so amplified That even the most distorted, inaccurate, or false of information can have real-world consequences, within minutes for millions of users. Recently, several public concerns regarding this issue, and some approaches to mitigate the problem were expressed.

Value Proposition

The main objective is to detect fake news, which is a classic text classification problem with a straight forward proposition. It necessary to build a model that can differentiate between “Real” news, and “Fake” news, and to identify the sources that simultaneously publish fake news.
For Different points of view:

Solution Strategy

Data Crawling & Scrubbing

  • Data Crawling, Parsing & Filtering
  • Linguistic features, Feature Modelling
  • Robust Metadata based Repository

Statistical Modelling

  • Naïve Bayes
  • Logistics Regression
  • SVM
  • Stochastic Gradient Classifier
  • Random Forest Classifier

Intelligent Analytics

  • Sentiment tonality such as Positive, Negative and Neutral based on the polarity of the words.
  • identify trends or emotional changes.
  • Sentimental KPIs & Graphical Representation