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COVID-19 Data Registration Application

Problem Statement

Key Requirement – Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, there are many affected people, who need timely timely treatment to avoid death risks, and the government must have the awareness of affected people/ symptomatic /a-symptomatic, etc. The requirement is to create a data entry-based custom application, where all information is captured including but not limited to patient list, observant list, lab list, a containment zone list, quarantine centre list, etc.

Value Proposition

Custom Form based application is built with below valued-added features

Solution Strategy

Data Entry Forms

  • Angular JS based Forms
  • Login Module with Security
  • User Management Mechanism

Data Model Design

  • Php based backed system
  • ETL Development
  • MySQL Custom database

Data MIS Reports

  • Daily Summary Reports
  • Containment Survey Summary Report
  • Quarantine Summary Report