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Crime Mapping & Hotspot Analysis

Problem Statement

The Project aims to establish a safe, secure, and empowering environment for citizens in public places by reducing crimes and enabling them from all backgrounds to work, travel, and reside in City without any risk of violence against them.

A core requirement is to apply data regression, correlation, and data mining methodologies to data that is available to provide specific crime patterns for each geographical region.

Value Proposition

Key elements of the solution include – data access, data management, analytics, and business intelligence through modular components & created single, integrated platform.

Various Statistical Models are built to –

Solution Strategy

Data Management

  • Data ETL Programs
  • Data Quality Management
  • Intelligent Data Repository

Predictive Policing

  • Geography based Analysis
  • Micro Clusters Ids using Radian Unit
  • Hotspot Analysis

Intelligent Reporting

  • Alert Based Investigation Support
  • Unified Dashboard for Crime Monitoring