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Utilities (Power, Gas, Water)

In Power Sector, the boom towards implementing a smart meters, helped to generate enormous amount of data.  Analytics using AI/ML techniques for load forecasting enables to maximize value from overall resource forecasting, improve efficiency. Comparative Analysis and what-if forecasting capabilities help industry to meet criteria for Power Load planning & operations.

For Liquid Gas Operations, we provide data analytics driven support for integrated Fluid Pipelines Setup, Supply-Chain Reconciliation, Using the basic fundamentals of P,T,F (Pressure, Temperature, Flow) Equilibria, we help define the Supply-Side & Demand-Side Prediction algorithm.

Water is an essential natural resource for human existence. Water demand is directly proportional to the population. Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the supply of clean, fresh water is steadily decreasing. To achieve the aim of providing safe potable water, the raw water is pumped from various sources like river and bore wells, process the raw water and then distributed to the public through various service reservoirs present across the geography.

Functional Area Includes:
Power Sector

Seasonal Demand-Supply Analytics

Energy Load

Transmission Network Optimization

Gas Sector

Line Pack

P,F,T Equilibria based Analysis

Gas Hydraulics

Water & Waste Water Analytics

Water Transmission

Water Treatment

Water Distribution