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SAS® CI 360 Integration with Twilio Voice App

What if every time customers interacted with you, they got exactly what they needed or wanted, with minimal effort? Consider SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 to get detailed insight from the digital channels where your customers interact with your brand the most. In this blog we discuss the SAS® CI 360 Integration with Twilio Voice App. Keep reading to learn more about SAS® CI 360.
What is SAS® Customer Intelligence (CI) 360?

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 enables you to get answers from your digital channels, and then take the most effective actions. Marketers can use everything they know about a customer to enable more relevant, targeted and individualized communications on all marketing touch points.

What is Twilio Voice App?

With Twilio Voice App, you can quickly make and receive voice calls in your application using multiple APIs like PHP, Node, Python, Ruby, Java, .Net (C#). We will use Java API to perform this integration.


Go to Twilio Account and Sign-Up.

Login the Twilio Account and

Information to be collected from Twilio Voice App Dashboard: Calling Number, Account SID and Auth Token.

This information will be used in Twilio Voice App – Java API.

Refer http://demo.twilio.com/docs/voice.xml for understand the XML file which will be used for Voice Message.

To create custom Voice Message, refer the above sample XML URL and prepare the new XML in same manner. Keep that custom XML file on Web Server so that Twilio Voice App can access it while executing the Java API.

Process Flow
Following is the process flow diagram for this integration:

Customer will click on the particular “Event Trigger Link” on web portal.

SAS® CI 360 will capture the event from web portal.

SAS® CI 360 Event Access Point will be called as soon as the event captured.

SAS® CI 360 Agent Framework will execute the Twilio Voice App Java API which connects to the Twilio Gateway Server to make the required call to customer.

A voice all will be made to the customer with appropriate message.

Implementation for SAS® CI 360 Integration with Twilio Voice App (Java API)
Step 1: Create an Access Point for Twilio Voice App in CI 360:
  • Logon to SAS® Customer Intelligence 360
  • Go to Configuration > General Page > Access Page
  • Create New Access Point for Twilio App
Step 2: Download the Agent Framework:
  • Go to Configuration > General Page > Access Page
  • Select Twilio Agent to download
  • A Zip file will be downloaded
Image 1: Creating and Downloading Access Point
Step 3: Setup the on premises Agent Framework:
Image 2: Editing “SampleAgent.java” file
Step 4: Run the on premises Agent Framework:

mvn exec: java -Dci360.gatewayHost= -Dci360.tenantID= -Dci360.clientSecret= -Dlogback.configurationFile=logback.xml -Dexec.mainClass=”sample.SampleAgent” -s “/conf/settings.xml”

Following are the parameter description for the above command:

After running the on premises Agent Framework and successful connection it will show “Event Stream Connected” in log on Command Prompt as shown in the below screenshot (Image 3).

Image 3: Successful Agent Framework Connection
Step 5: Generate the event by clicking the “Event Trigger Link” on the Web Portal:
Image 4: JSON creation on Command Prompt
SAS® Customer Intelligence 360
Twilio Voice App
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Written by,
Tushar Sonawane
Sr. SAS Consultant
Nupeak IT solutions LLP

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