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AI-based Chatbot

Problem Statement

The System should be able to easily configure a chatbot with the requisite query/ response data feed on various schemes/ programs to enable interaction to enable seamless citizen engagements.

FAQs shall be easily embedded into the system. The system shall enable pre-defined smart answers to their general queries.

Value Proposition

A Chatbot is a Natural Language Processing based solution running on the query string execution.

Key Feature Includes –

Solution Strategy

Conversation Design Flow

  • Ranked Questionnaires
  • ML based Responses of Questions
  • Multi-Layer Hierarchy basis User Preference

Intent Creation

  • Analyses terms, phrases & character strings that indicate sentiment
  • identifies an author’s tone or attitude
  • Human Like Approach

Multilingual User Interface

  • Web-based UI (Supportive on Mobile)
  • Short & Simple Interactive UI
  • History Maintenance for Queries