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Big Data Management Suite for Analytics

Problem Statement

Requirement of a framework containing capabilities to manage and store data, intelligence, and analytics engine to monitor suspicious entities/transactions, and an investigation interface to evaluate alerts, along with a visualization and reporting solution that provides an overview of overall operations.

Value Proposition

Structured data Should be provide in either Streaming Format or HDFS Format. Data is received from The Ingestion layer which is further To create ETL, Analytical Data/Reporting Marts, which will be further used in the Investigation.

Solution Strategy

Data Ingestion Layer

  • Pyspark based API
  • Apache Spark Data Frames
  • Map Reduced Capability

Data Processing Layer

  • Spark SQL Optimization Framework
  • ETL Transformation
  • Various Catalog based approaches – Parsed Plan, Analysed Plan, Optimized Plan

Data Storage Layer for Analytics

  • RDD Store
  • Decentralized Object with logical partitioned
  • API based data dissemination