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Mines & Mineral Fraud Detection & Investigation

Problem Statement

World-wide, there are large reserves of high-quality iron ore, bauxite, chromite, manganese ore, along with other minerals such as coal, limestone, dolomite, tin, nickel, vanadium, lead, graphite, gold, gemstones, diamond, dimension stones, etc.

A Systematic survey and assessment of the mineral Deposits and their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, enforcement measures to prevention legal mining and smuggling of minerals, assessment of mining revenue, and study of the effect of mining operations on the environment and A study of the areas and minerals that can be developed to meet the needs of mineral-based industries are included in the survey.

Value Proposition

Key Elements of Proposition include:

Solution Strategy

Data Management

  • Stakeholders Profiling Data
  • Production & Operations Data
  • Dispatch & Logistics Data
  • Transactions & Sales Data

Fraud Detection Mechanism

  • Algorithm based Alert Intelligent System
  • Pattern Analysis & Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Models & Network Analysis

Fraud Investigation Mechanism

  • 360 Degree of Lasse & Licensee Profile
  • Production & Dispatch Forecasting
  • Revenue Leakage & Prediction