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Dynamic Form Development

Problem Statement

Many forms, such as questionnaires, are very similar to one another in format and purpose. A dynamic form template based on metadata describing the business object model can make it easier and quicker to generate different versions of such a form. Using the template, create new forms automatically based on the changes in the data model.

This technique is useful when you need to update a form regularly in order to meet rapidly changing business and regulatory requirements. A typical use case is a questionnaire. You might need to get input from users in different contexts. While the format and style of the forms a user sees should remain constant, The actual questions you need to ask should vary from context to context.

In this tutorial, you will build a dynamic form that presents a basic questionnaire. You build an online application for heroes seeking employment. The agency is constantly tinkering with the application process, but by using the dynamic form you can create new forms on the fly without changing the application code.

Value Proposition

Solution Strategy

Simplify Management

  • Form build
  • Collection data
  • Customize list

Data Model Design

  • Php based backed system
  • ETL Development
  • MySQL Custom database