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NLP based Text Analysis

Problem Statement

Citizens use a variety of channels to communicate, including various Grievance Portals, Social Media Posts, Blogs, newspapers, etc. These are all unstructured & semi-structured data. The challenge lies in identifying and categorizing citizen feedback and data. This feedback is intended to understand whether citizens’ attitude and opinion towards a department, scheme, or other section are positive, negative, or neutral.

Value Proposition

Analyzes large volumes of unstructured data by using predefined templates, machine-learning methods, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify deeper insights and sentiments.

Core Sources of data Crawled & Analysed –

Solution Strategy

Data Crawling & Scrubbing

  • Data Crawling
  • Data Parsing & Filtering
  • Robust Metadata based Repository

Content/Topic Categorization

  • Group Related Topics
  • NLP based Categorization
  • ML based new topic build

Sentiment Analytics

  • Sentiment tonality such as Positive, Negative, and Neutral.
  • Sentimental KPIs
  • Graphical Representation