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Intelligent Citizen Engagement – CI360

Problem Statement

Key Requirement – Campaign Management Solution needs to create Campaigns for citizens. With the help of campaign output, various surveys are conducted, and feedback is collected.

The solution should provide information about citizen’s enrolment into various Schemes which are linked to Bhamashah Card like PENSION scheme, RATION scheme, BSBY scheme, and NREGA scheme.

Value Proposition

Intelligent Citizen Engagement modules is  made-for-marketing interface along with automated, trackable, easy-to-repeat processes, analytical capabilities that enable users to turn

Solution Strategy

Citizen Survey

  • Citizen survey Q&A Prep.
  • Forms Creation
  • Feedback collection Mechanism

Data Model Design

  • ETL Development
  • Designing Customer database
  • Design Information Maps

Campaign Execution & Analysis

  • Campaign Execution
  • Response Analysis
  • Update & Scoring Model